Monday, October 11, 2010

Sticking Pins

I’m so irritable, I hate when I’m moody topped off with tiredness. I’ve been snapping at my co-workers and friends all day, it’s a good thing they know me well enough. They don’t even bother with my moodiness and would still harass me. Oh they’ll ask, “Bridget what’s wrong, who upset you, you had a bad weekend?” And those questions just add to it. Can’t I just be moody because I’m moody? Must it be linked to a situation? Of course not, I’m just moody. I’m allowed to be moody right? Yes I am. And by the way I had a perfectly fine weekend.

Ever notice it’s the little things that get to you most? After running around all day, I get upstairs to the office minutes to four, and my black ink pen decides to stop writing. You know, like it just had a mind of its own to annoy me. So I’m sitting there looking at a blue ink pen dreading that I have to use it, picked it up and began to write and in my mind I’m saying, “I can’t deal with this, I have documents I need to finish in black ink.”

Better believe I’m praying for a miracle yet again, because I seriously thought that was my last black ink pen. My co-workers are always taking my pens, so I tend to hide them as best I can in my draw. There I am digging away and Hallelujah!!! I found a black ink pen. That reminds me I need to order stationery.

Don’t ask me why I’m obsessed with black ink. I love writing in black ink, I just love black, period! It has always been and will always be an elegant colour far as I am concerned and because of that, at some point I must wear all black, which I do every Friday for work. Look, it’s my tradition which I’ve done for years and I will keep it alive. Black is beautiful.

You know what I could do with right now? Pitch black and utter silence. Ha! Not going to happen. Instead I’ll just unwind by watching a movie. See Ya!

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