Monday, October 18, 2010

Sticking Pins II

It’s getting crazy at work. Everyone seems to be annoyed with everyone else and in all honesty, I’ve been laughing at the madness all day. Believe me, we are feeling the pinch and it’s just beginning. I told my co-workers weeks ago what to expect so we’ve been geared up for it more or less, but for some reason I feel this Xmas will be tougher than previous years.

If you wish to meet a group of people who seriously do not look forward to the Xmas season, yeah that’ll be us. Did you notice I said Xmas instead of Christmas, umm hmm, XXXXXX, that’s because we want it over a.s.a.p. Sounds dismal I know, but we’ll get through it once we don’t kill each other first.

To top off the craziness, I misplaced my calculator while packing up this afternoon and began a mini episode of, ‘Bridget Gone Mad’ trying to figure out who the hell would steal a 17+ year old calculator, to then discover I placed it in my desk draw. It has sentimental value ok. It was given to me Dec 1993, so it means something and I always take care of the things which I love.

In any case, I am home now and comfortable, until tomorrow for another dose of the ‘Mad House’ in the workplace.

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