Monday, February 14, 2011

Be My Valentine

Among the hassle and bustle of the day, I had a wonderful moment during the afternoon period, which was a very excited 6 year old who could not wait to hug and wish me Happy Valentine’s.

Of course she had to let me know what she got on lovers day and what she gave. She got a heart shaped pillow from her daddy and she gave her mom a heart pencil. I told her that’s really sweet and I could tell she loved being a part of the day, but what stood out for me was what she said on leaving the office. “My mommy told me I’m her valentine’s gift.” All I could say was “oh oh,” that short sentence really touched me.

I spoke to her mom about this conversation and she told me that her daughter was so happy about receiving a valentine’s gift (the pillow), that she actually made a note of it in a book saying “thank you daddy for the valentines pillow.”

Sure it’s a commercial day and love is all year round but this little girl made valentines for me. Majority of the people here are from broken homes, she’s no different, but it all boils down to this, there is nothing like family and the willingness to share and give love on a special day. Who said Valentine’s Day is only for lovers?