Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day by Day

After a backbreaking week at work, I am so thankful for the weekend. Though I have some serious rearranging to do, it’s October and it’s time to start my studies. I’ll be kicking myself in the bott if I put this thing off for another year, honestly I have no idea how I’m going to do this but I need to.

They say education is the key to success, I just hope I don’t break mine trying to unlock the door. God help me because I’ll really need a miracle, studying for a degree on my own will not be a walk in the park, but I know where I want to be and I’m going for it. I did not endure all that B.S. throughout the years to give up now.

Sometimes I wonder if I made the correct career choice going into business. In my younger life I wanted to be a mechanic, yeah I know imagine me as a mechanic right? I get annoyed when I chip a nail. Mom knew I had a brain so she suggested I do something that requires me to use it, so I chose business. Yah!

I enjoy dabbing into other careers occasionally. Writing, theology, psychology and computers, in that case it ain’t all bad. I guess I’m just naturally multi-talented, you know I got skills. I have a massive smile on my face when I say that. Well enough of me being full of myself, those are the other professions I’m really into, but I can’t do everything so they are just hobbies, for now. You could never know though, always expect the unexpected. I do love what I do, when I do it.

That reminds me of this song, Time of our Lives, ‘it’s hard to walk away from the best of days,’ ‘now the page is turned, the stories we will write.’ For real! I have a few in mind.

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