Friday, September 10, 2010


It’s Eid-ul-Fitr and a public holiday. Fortunately our citizens, of Trinidad and Tobago which is a multi-religious and multi-racial society, are able to accept our diversity considering that we are two small islands.

In my mind there are four issues that can lead to extreme violence and death which are race, religion, politics and property ownership. Growing up I’ve always been glad that I cannot be classed in one race over the other since I am of mixed descent, giving me the option to just blend in.

It’s really terrible that one person’s view can clash with another resulting in something horrific, this is life though and it will happen. There will always be people who think it is their right to impose their beliefs, demanding that others believe as they do, or else.

In terms of religion, I prefer the Christian way for which I have my reasons. I believe however that no one has the right to force anyone to believe as they do in anything. Why? You may ask. God has given us freedom of choice. Of course we will all have to account for what we do in this life as some point in time, so I’ll always say choose wisely but the freedom is there.

We may forget at times that in religion there are different branches of the same, that is, there are different sections of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and so on. Each section has different views, practices and behaviours, some more fanatical than others. Unfortunately, when one section decides to do something dramatic, everyone associated with that religion is blamed.

I will always say that in anything, do not start a war that you cannot finish as the end result may not be what is expected, and may in turn bring you sorrow for a long time to come. Believe it or not, war at times is necessary when you need to defend your territory but when it can be avoided, do. Sometimes it is better to walk away so you can live to fight another day.

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