Sunday, September 19, 2010


Ever wonder why feelings are so confusing? You find that you are doing or saying the strangest things with no idea why and then you ask yourself, ‘what am I doing?’ When you think about it though, you just can’t help it.

It’s like wanting something, but it’s not something you are accustomed to or would even think about wanting. Yet, you are drawn to it and no matter how much you try to ignore the feeling, it’s pulling you in. Normally it would not matter, similar things you’ll think ‘woo this is cool’ and that’s it, you won’t be bothered after that.

You know realistically this particular thing is out of reach but it’s on your mind like an obsession. You just want it to the point where it becomes a need and you begin to miss that it’s not there. You can safely say it has gotten into your bloodstream and there is nothing you can do about it.

Maybe it’s meant to happen, to bring some good into your life to change the way you do things, other than that, it would just be torture adoring something you know you cannot have.

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