Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Behind the Words

At my present job I’ve been told some really strange things and called some really strange names. I’m used to being called weird and boring. I’m not into the partying lifestyle and when asked about my personal relationship I tend not to answer. In terms of intimate details or sometimes simply if I’m seeing someone, I’m not going there; they don’t need to know that, you know it’s private. So they say I’m weird and boring and I need a life, but they will find themselves in my weird and boring presence for more than half an hour, more than once a day to pester me.

Recently though, I’ve been told I have an old soul (ok I knew that), but I was told that because I was not excited about certain products that most young people would be crazy over. Yesterday I was told I have a quiet finish. Can someone explain to me what the hell is a quiet finish? What is that some sort of polish?

To explain some of these comments I must talk about sex appeal. I said it already and I get it; guys are attracted by what they see and I have no issues with that. Come on, it’s natural. I however have received some really outrageous remarks from men and I’m talking about from a youth to adulthood. That’s why when I walk in public I tend to have a serious expression. Most of these comments don’t get to me as I could careless, but sometimes depending on what is said, I would be upset.

Another problem I have with some men that are accustomed to me, is touching. They don’t seem to understand the term ‘do not touch me’. There is a saying that when a woman says no she really means yes. Well I have a newsflash for those who believe that. When I say sternly “do not touch me” but it does not register the first time, when I say it again I’ll be pissed off and if the third time I have to repeat myself, somebody gonna be running and it ain’t gonna be me.

I’m simply saying guys think before you speak, gain some class, learn etiquette and to the ladies, there is no need to go with the flow or follow the crowd, have some self-respect. Men cannot take advantage of you unless you allow them to. We might be the weaker sex, not as physically strong as men and we may not win all the battles, but if we learn to care about who we are and see merit within ourselves, men who understand value will appreciate us more and men in general that come within our presence, will respect us.

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