Saturday, August 28, 2010


I’ve been thinking a lot about people and chances. I believe everything happens for a reason, if something happens to me twice it’s not a coincidence so I need to pay attention, and if an opportunity is out of reach I must create one.

I’ve come across some wonderful people in my life and some not so wonderful, but every experience I’ve had dealing with both sides made me who I am. When I think of my family, the culture I live in, my struggles past and present, my friends and those who decided to make themselves my enemy, I’m different and I like it.

I appreciate many things, not so much the material stuff because they are superficial but more my life and my ability to think and feel, because for me the real treasure of being a human being is my beating heart. I’m alive, for every beat I have a chance to do something, be somewhere and touch someone. That is what matters to me.

When we happen to meet someone we admire or come across something we really like, our first reaction may be to question it. Why couldn’t this happen to me sooner? Why couldn’t things be different? Or why is it so far away? I think though the timing is just right, maybe it’s a little different than I might have hoped but it’s still great, and despite the circumstances anything is possible.

The best part of this twisted world is discovering the hidden beauty. I cannot be physically everywhere nor can I do everything literally, but one thing is for sure, I am not limited to the here and now.

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